Unique Baby Gifts : Expensive?

Are unique baby gifts expensive?

Thinking of being unique and producing an unusually excellent baby gift might struck some minds with the above question...And that might lead us into thinking, wouldn't it be expensive to spend on something extraordinary and awesome?

Believe me, I even thought so at the first place. But as we have mentioned in our previous entry, getting unique baby gifts for a newborn or an older baby will require a person to think beyond the normal ways, and outside the box. So firstly, it won't necessarily need to be expensive as it's not necessarily bought somewhere from a store or boutique because you can make one on your own. Put your abilities, skills and creativity into one loving gift and then you will be producing something outstanding and unforgettable for the precious baby. Don't forget that each and every person on earth has their own unique personality therefore you will always be able to come out with interesting ideas blended with creativity.

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

Putting your hands-on skills to the gift would be something worthwhile, worth your time, effort and expenses too. Remember our grannies and mommies who love knitting and sewing? These might sound like common tasks yet they produced meaningful items containing great values of love and care. Handcrafted blankets and garments are timeless unique gifts that will outdo other perfectly unusual gifts when given personal touch from yourself. And how about a heart-warming painting to decorate the nursery wall or a baby’s room? Or a home-made wooden playpen or even toy horse? Or a maybe catchy rhyme or a lovely song to sing?

We do understand that not everyone has those wonderful skills therefore there's an option of buying and personalizing such items with a name, date or a small message to make them such unique baby gifts with your signature on them. Nowadays, you can even print your favourite photos of you and the baby on blankets and pillowcases so that the little one can snuggle up and sleep with your image in his/her head. You just need to do some Google-ing and you’ll find your way to many digital age personalizing services. If you love tunes yet making one seems a bit absurd, you can always try replacing the words of a popular song or a traditional nursery rhyme like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You’re My Precious Little Star"…finish that if you’d like to ;).

Remember, that we need some creativity in thinking so a gift must not always be a ‘thing’ that you can hold or touch, as long as it can touch one of either five senses, and most importantly the heart, and then it will surely be a great gift not only to give but also to receive. So are you up for the creative challenge? Let us know what unique gift the lucky baby will be receiving once you accept it. Ciao!

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