Unique Baby Gifts: Why?

The reason behind the idea of giving unique baby gift should be obvious, but in case you're still in doubt why on earth is this so important, let's just talk about why it surely is!

People do unusual things for many reasons, some of them are:

  • To satisfy oneself
  • To explore and be adventurous
  • To remember and be remembered
  • To stand out and outdo others
Well, I'm not sure what are yours but as for me giving the best is something I love doing not only for self satisfaction but also because it creates happy faces and beautiful feelings in people's hearts. It doesn't only create memories but also a bond that ties hearts. Furthermore, it helps being creative and doing something new each day. Adventure should be fun as it finds various way though to one definite goal.

Unique Baby Gifts

Whenever you're giving a gift, try putting yourself in the shoes of the recipient. Think of a baby shower and the response of parents as the baby might be too young to promptly understand the idea of receiving your gift. Imagine getting the very same thing though of different brands but of course with the same usage. It's okay if it's diapers, toiletteries or clothing that you might need loads to keep up with a newborn. But what if there's even just more than one baby cot or basket? You don't even need three baby bags or bottle warmer. Some of these things could end up being a burden rather than helpful when there are just too many of them. You'll need space to keep them and pray that that won't be in the storeroom!

Maybe it's a good idea to follow the new trend of listing or inquiring the gifts your family and friends would like to bring but not everybody find it comfortable to do so. Of course you can't really guarantee that whatever gift that you'll be giving is totally different from anybody. Nevertheless, you can make sure that your gift is useful, important, unique and memorable to the baby and the family.

Getting unique baby gifts means spending some time and effort even if you're not spending a penny and it won't be a good experience to learn that your gift falls into the useless, typical, burden category. It's true that what's important is giving itself and not the gift, but if you think about why you are giving you'll find that making the recipient - the baby and the family- happy would just as important. After all, that's why people give something to others. To love and to bind our souls with a loving bond for life.

Unique Timeless Baby Gifts

Have you ever thought of giving a baby gift that's timeless and long-lasting? Something that will grow old with the baby and useful for a longer period than just infancy?

Unique baby gifts shouldn't simply be amusements for one day; they should also be useful and meaningful and relevant for a period of time if not forever. Let's put on our thinking caps and search for something evergreen and long-lasting and give it some extraordinary touch. Can you think of anything like that?I bet that's surely easy. Especially if you're a mom or dad; or a person coming from big families where baby showers and birthdays are regular ceremonies.

We've mentioned about turning a regular blanket into something special before and a blanket is one of those things that are timeless and could last for a long long time. A blanket is not only a baby's need, everybody young and old will need one snuggly blanket to brave on the cold winter nights especially these days when you can feel extremely cold temperatures even in Spring and at times during Summer! Such are the nature of regular things of daily needs. Some people even treasure this kind of items so dearly, that they are inherited from generation to generation. Just like a diamond ring or a wedding gown that is passed from a mother to a daughter and later the granddaughter. I, myself even had some baby bedding set from my aunt when I was expecting my second child. They were her daughter's and she kept them for years until she found someone dearly related to pass them on. She lived so far away from the family therefore it took here some years until I came for a visit and she was ready to let those things go.

Unique Baby Gifts

I guess these usual things have their own unique character for being very close and frequently used by a person that they keep so much memories to remind us of the personality and life with him/her. I believe every parent will understand how it feels seeing pictures and things belonging to our children and their childhood. They remind us of those sweet little days and adventures we've went through, together. If you're thinking of continuing this love tradition by giving something you dearly own...why not? It might need a little cleaning or maybe something to add on creativity but there's nothing wrong with this generous idea. So maybe, your unique baby gift after all is hiding somewhere inside the storage?

Even if you're not in for the hereditary option, you can always choose to get or make new items of the same evergreen nature to make unique baby gifts. Bath towels for example or maybe something of decorative nature. What about soft toys that could even function as transitional objects when the baby needs to be weaned off and sleep on his/her own later? Don't forget, we want them to be useful and long-lasting but also unusual and awesome. So remember not to leave these common things on their own without spicing them up with some creativity. You might like to read the previous posts in case you need a hand in generating more ideas.

Unique Baby Gifts : Expensive?

Are unique baby gifts expensive?

Thinking of being unique and producing an unusually excellent baby gift might struck some minds with the above question...And that might lead us into thinking, wouldn't it be expensive to spend on something extraordinary and awesome?

Believe me, I even thought so at the first place. But as we have mentioned in our previous entry, getting unique baby gifts for a newborn or an older baby will require a person to think beyond the normal ways, and outside the box. So firstly, it won't necessarily need to be expensive as it's not necessarily bought somewhere from a store or boutique because you can make one on your own. Put your abilities, skills and creativity into one loving gift and then you will be producing something outstanding and unforgettable for the precious baby. Don't forget that each and every person on earth has their own unique personality therefore you will always be able to come out with interesting ideas blended with creativity.

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

Putting your hands-on skills to the gift would be something worthwhile, worth your time, effort and expenses too. Remember our grannies and mommies who love knitting and sewing? These might sound like common tasks yet they produced meaningful items containing great values of love and care. Handcrafted blankets and garments are timeless unique gifts that will outdo other perfectly unusual gifts when given personal touch from yourself. And how about a heart-warming painting to decorate the nursery wall or a baby’s room? Or a home-made wooden playpen or even toy horse? Or a maybe catchy rhyme or a lovely song to sing?

We do understand that not everyone has those wonderful skills therefore there's an option of buying and personalizing such items with a name, date or a small message to make them such unique baby gifts with your signature on them. Nowadays, you can even print your favourite photos of you and the baby on blankets and pillowcases so that the little one can snuggle up and sleep with your image in his/her head. You just need to do some Google-ing and you’ll find your way to many digital age personalizing services. If you love tunes yet making one seems a bit absurd, you can always try replacing the words of a popular song or a traditional nursery rhyme like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You’re My Precious Little Star"…finish that if you’d like to ;).

Remember, that we need some creativity in thinking so a gift must not always be a ‘thing’ that you can hold or touch, as long as it can touch one of either five senses, and most importantly the heart, and then it will surely be a great gift not only to give but also to receive. So are you up for the creative challenge? Let us know what unique gift the lucky baby will be receiving once you accept it. Ciao!

Unique Baby Gifts Ideas

Finding unique baby gifts for your loved ones will first require a bit of creativity and unique thinking. Thinking out of the box as people say, will be the way to begin. Baby gifts are one of the most important first impression people make upon the babies themselves and sometimes, their parents too. Unique baby gifts shall simply make yours memorable and treasured thus giving you a special place deep down inside the child's heart and the family at large. It's like the first greeting to a long lasting bond you will always cherish and care for.

But no worries. This might only sound hard but it's actually really fun and interesting. We're here to help you out with this noble loving task. You might even find yourself too indulged and impatient to wait for another baby to come just so you can get another unique gift on your hands!

There are a few main ways to get something unique for new babies and old (other than

1) Get something rare and unique like things people never really think of as a baby gift or could ever be one. Like a bank account or a savings bond.

2) Get something normal but turn them into something special and different, one of its kind. For example a simple personalised blanket, with a picture or the baby's name and date of birth.

3) 'Produce' something on your own. What comes from the heart goes to another, and human touch will always be special and treasured life-long. Just like the way people treasure their kids' childhood and memories through videos, photos or written journals, online and offline. You could always sing a lovely lullaby and record it on tape specially dedicated to the lovely baby.

Well here are just some rough ideas for you to start off. But don't worry there'll be more and more to come so that you can have a clearer view and examples of what you can do. And a variety of choices too. For now, good luck with your unique baby gifts mission and see you soon :)

Unique Baby Gifts

Unique Baby Gifts is a place where you can find ideas and information on giving baby gifts that are unique for those lovely kids, girls or boys. Whether it's for your own children or someone else's, you can be sure that by reading our suggestions, you won't run out of ideas in giving unique baby gifts for your loved ones. Think different, think unique!